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The following is a sample list of the meat products we carry and stock. If you do not see what your are looking for, it is either not listed or we can get it for you. Simply call and place an order with us.

Illetschko's Singles Pack
     5 lbs Illetschko's Ground Beef
     1 Preseasoned Sirlion Tip Roast
     8 Pork Chops
     1 Whole Fryer Chicken
     12 8oz. Grill Steaks
Illetschko's Grill Pack
     1 Box Butterfly Sirloin Steaks (12)
     20 Illetschko's Hamburger Patties
     6 Fresh Bratwurst (~ 2lbs)

Illetschko's Cabin Pack
     20 Illetschko's Hamburger Patties
     1 lbs. Hot Dogs
     6 Fresh Bratwurst
     2 lbs. Illetschko's Dble Smked Bacon
     12 8oz. Grill Steaks
Illetschko's Meat Lovers Pack
     10 lbs. Lean Ground Beef
     10 lbs,. Choice Top Sirloin
     10 lbs. Choice Sirlion Grill Steaks
     10 lbs. Bone-in Pork Chops
     10 lbs. Boneless Chicken Breast
      3 lbs. T-Bone Steak
      3 lbs. Bacon Wrapped Tenderloins
       2 lbs. Illetschko's Dble Smked Bacon
Illetschko's Value Pack
     2 lbs. Illetshko's Ground Beef
     2 Bacon Wrapped Tenderloins
     2 Boneless Pork Chops
     2 Boneless Chicken Breast
     2 Butterfly Sirlion Steaks

Illetschko's Family Pack
     15 lbs. Illetschko's Ground Beef
     1 Chuckeye Roast (2-3 lbs)
     1 Sirloin Tip Roast (2-3 lbs)
     1 Boneless Pork Loin Roast (2-3 lbs)
     8 4oz. Sandwich Steaks
    12 8oz. Grill Steaks

Ribeye Steak Petite Butterfly Sirloin Steak Top Sirloin Steak
Boneless Strip (New York)Tenderloin Filet (Bacon Wrap)Butterfly Sirloin Steak
Sirloin Sandwich SteakT-Bone SteakPorterhouse
Sirloin Filet "Ball Tip" SteakBrisketPre-seasoned Sirloin Tip Roast
Sirloin Tip RoastFamily Sirloin RoastFrench Dip Roast
Chuck Eye RoastStanding Rib RoastCombination Roast (Beef and Pork)
Beef StewCube SteakFondue Meat
Kabob MeatSoup / Stock BonesShredded Sirloin
Fajita MeatIlletschko's Ground Beef (85% Lean)Illetschko's Ground Beef (Extra Lean)
Illetschko's Ground Beef PattiesIlletschko's Bacon BurgerIlletschko's Bacon & Onion Burger
Illetschko's MeatloafIlletschko's Taco Meat

Illetschko's Original Beef Jerky Illetschko's Black Pepper Jerky Illetschko's Black Pepper Jerky
Illetschko's Teriyaki JerkyIlletschko's Turkey JerkyIlletschko's Beef Snack Sticks
Illetschko's Chicken Snack SticksIlletschko's Buffalo Snack SticksIlletschko's Venison Snack Sticks
Illetschko's Pepper Cheese
Beef Snack Sticks
Illetschko's Teriyaki Snack SticksIlletschko's Summer Sausage
Illetschko's Summer Sausgae
w/ Hot Pepper Cheese
Illetschko's Cranberry Brown
Sugar Summer Sausage
Illetschko's Old Fashion Hot Dogs
Illetschko's Polish SausageIlletschko's Potato SausageMike's Sausage and
Mushroom Pizza Brat
Mike's Pepperoni Pizza BratMike's Hawaiian Pizza BratMike's Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza  Brat
Mike's Pepper Cheese BratIlletschko's BratwurstIlletschko's Cajun Brat
Illetschko's Smoked BratIlletschko's Jalepeno BratM & J's Country Sausage
Illetschko's Hot Italian SausageIlletschko's Mild Italian SausageIlletschko's Pork Sausage Patties
Illetschko's Breakfast SausageIlletschko's Smoked CheezeIlletschko's Hot Dago
Illetschko's Venison Bacon

Thickcut Pork Chops Boneless Pork Chops Center Cut Pork Chops
Stuffed Pork ChopsButter Garlic Marinated Pork ChopsSeasoned Pork Chops
Pork CutletsPork Spare RibsCountry Style Ribs
Boneless Country Style RibsLoin Back Ribs (Baby Back)Pork Steak
Boneless Pork RoastBone in Pork RoastWhole Ham
Sliced HamSmoked HamThick Cut Bacon
Double Applewood Smoked BaconBacon Bits

Fryer Chickens Turkey (regular and tumbled) Smoked Turkey
Turkey Breast Butter Garlic,
Szechuan Marinated
Boneless, Skinless Chick BreastButter Garlic Chicken Breast
Sun Dried Tomato Chicken BreastCajun Marinated Chicken BreastTeriyaki Marinated Chicken Breast
Stuffed Chicken BreatChicken Legs and WingsChicken Drummies

Heggies Pizza
Double Cheese 10" & 12"
 Heggies Pizza Sausage 10" & 12" Heggies Pizza Pepperoni 10" & 12"
Heggies Pizza Sausage &
Pepperoni 10" & 12"
Heggies Pizza Italian
Inferno 10" & 12"
Heggies Pizza Six Pack 10" & 12"
Heggies Pizza Deluxe 10" & 12"Heggies Pizza Chicken AlfredoShirks Pizza 10" & 12"

Joseph's Garlic Sauce Joseph's Chorizo Joseph's Flat Bread

Illetschko's Smoked Lake Trout Illetschko's Smoked Salmon Jumbo Freshwater Shrimp
Lobster TailYellowfin TunaSalmon